Sunday, March 02, 2014

Time to get big

This seems to be the main thing for most of my customers that want to weight train is of course get big and put size on.
The 5 x 5 system works very well and i thing is the best around , of course you need to step up the food and rink intake as well to build up range from any thing 3,000 - 5,000 call a day !! With bulk eating it can cost more then people think as well . again if you would like up with working out Ur call intake ping me a email

But for now this is what i will be trying out as of Monday for the next 4 weeks along with the swimming to fit in when i can , but waiting really till the lakes open in may time


• Incline barbell bench press

• Dumbbell floor press

• Pull ups wide grip

• Dead lift

• Floor clean and push press

• Dumbbell lateral raise

• Floor crunch


• Calf raises – db

• Full raise squats

• Db lunges – single leg

• Leg curl machine – single leg

• Seated dumbbell curls

• Dips – using bar or bench

• Hamstring leg raise


• Flat bench press

• Feet elevated push up

• Side 2 side pull ups (head forward and behind bar)

• Upright rows (cable machine)

• Plate raise

• Wide grip up right rows

• Incline sit ups


• Front squats

• Leg press in to calf raise ( 1 leg press in to 10 calf )

• Roman dead lifts

• Bicep curls

• Triceps extension ( use bar ) behind head

• 3 point leg raise plate hold

Weight training is going BIG time to eat lots and lift heavy

5x5 main sets and for the body weights and sit ups 4 x 10-20 reps

4 week block plan, take notes of weights using as we go along

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