Personal Training & Triathlon coaching

At IronHolt Coaching you will get the best that money can buy, with over 16 years in the fitness world and competing at very high level in triathlon and other events around the world

£30 an hour for larkfield gym - Using some of the best equipment around you will get a one-2-one pt session with your Coach based around your needs and goals

£30 an hour outside park / home

£65 a month via on line using base2race - you will get a week by week plan lay ed out around your working / family life sent via email each day and can log on to the site to see what training you have been set up . email contact every Sunday as well back to Coach

£25 swimming open water for an hour of coaching on a one-2-one i will get in the lake with you and swim round looking at ur Tycho and help and advice will be given.

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