Friday, January 01, 2016

2016 plans

Hi all

Happy new year

Be up dating this a lot more now as have i pad :o)
be looking for 2016 fishing

Woodland ticket untill April
mote park - day tickets
river medway - night sessions
day tickets - with the girls bit of fun fishing


A big common
30lb carp

What be a dream is a 30lb carp - now i know that there are a lot of big 20lb plus in mote park but not sure about the river medway for size but i know for a fact a 50lb carp come out the medeway but not sure what area , i will be looking at the maidstone area ,

now a new bait be testing for the next few months a s well will be

REDDERZBoilies : All boilies at VB are Shelf-life.  REDDERZ is an incredibly hot bait taking advantage of the carp anglers favourite spices. The Boilies ingredients include: Robin Red, Krill-meal, Chilli powder & Flakes with extra spices which help give the bait its name. Because of the ingredient mix the natural colour of the boilie is dark red - which is perfect for us. 

Pop Ups : Bright red in colour and unbelievably buoyant, the spice and Krill flavours absolutely pour out of these balls of fire.

MAGMAAs the name suggests, Burny hot!.  A thick PVA friendly liquid that works perfectly as a dip for your boilies or as an additive for your PVA bags and stick mixes.

And then the flare pop up mixed with salts and oils

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