Friday, August 21, 2015


Churn pool
What a great weekend but sums my fishing up as i didnt catch a thing there part from cray fish !!!witch we all got our own back at dinner time mmm

dan and adian had 3 fish in total with 22 , 16, 25 so was good for the group i will be back to fish the lake one day but be in the colder times as thats when the bigger fish seem to be coming out and in the deeper water

not had a fish out now since june time !! just not getting the time down there that i would like but with the winter creaping in i am hope to do more in the winter time and the fish hold up in the deeper water etc working out though that chod and a white pop up seems to be the winner in there ........

start my tree surgeon training in sept witch cant wait for ...

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