Saturday, May 23, 2015

2 - 2 draw now

I popped down to woodlands again for a night, and got one of the nicesr carp i have even seen

Went 20lb on the scales so take off 2lb for the weigh sling 18lb of the nicest carp your ever see.
Been using a new bait witch iam 100 % faith in now and more then happy going forward that it will bring me more fish of this standard . I was using dark side rig as well its the nuts hooks them so well.

The big carp in woodlands 3 scale was caught from peg 1 at 33.5lb so well done to that carper !! maybe one day may be a 40lb swimming around in there.

Need to spend a bit of time at home now and doing stuff round the house and just some short sessions 4 hours etc

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