Wednesday, May 20, 2015

2- 1 to the carp

Hi all

Had a night the other night at woodlands and didnt get a thing my mate in peg 1 had 2 nice carp 22 mirror and 12 lb common  , maybe one pick up or just a line bite but didnt hit it
was trying out the zig rig for the frist time with the carp swimming around 1 feet under the water most the day and night though it would have gone but nothing , think i messed up chancing them around the swim , instead of watching them more to see where the were swimming was in a new swim peg 3 , but been told about a few hot spots in that swim where a mate had 17 fish in a weekend on this just one spot !!! ..... marker rod time next time in there i feel .

So i have now done 2 short nights and a 24 hour session iam back down there to night with a new bait as well :o) the rev baits where not working out for me down there , not saying there a bad bait but i know boys catching well on other bait in there so be silly not to try it out and see for my self ... end of the day its up to me who and what i use this is why i dont ever want to have a fishing sponsor as spent years in triathlon keeping people happy and not able to use other bits of kit etc , and my carping is my hobbie and thats it :O)

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