Wednesday, October 01, 2014

update 01.10.14

A lot has been going on for myself

Frist off me and Ann Marie are getting married now in 2016 :o) and i now have a new full time job as a duty manager and personal trainer along with IronHolt Coaching , so work wize things are going great , along with work i might all so be doing a few hours in a local fishing shop lol . yes back on the carp fishing again gone up and got a load of new equpment and even going carp fishing for my stag do .......... !!

going to be using the blog a lot more do to coming out of the gym full time now and just going to be doing my kettlebell class each friday night and then P.T in the gym and around the snodland area .

My little girl is growning up fast and 1 in Dec witch is crazy

please watch this space as a lot more will be coming from the blog soon