Friday, January 17, 2014

x cube larkfeild leisure centre

Been back to the old routes of my training in the gym again back in the xcube and its a big wake up call ......... arms and legs still stiff after two days ;o) so its working or is it just my age ....

trainign wise did

ropes single arms x 3
kettle bell swing x 3
sit ups non stop x 3
pull ups as many as can do x 3
punch bag and gloves non stop x 3
ropes double arms x 3
twits sand bangs x 3
sqauts sand bag x 3

Still not go in to the pool as just with Isla and work not had the time to get in the pool its crazy as i work at a swimming pool , need to look at training maybe after her morning feed 6am then coming home to start the day etc,

waiting for events to open this year so can entre seem to be taken there time this year ?? open water swimming though dont think is a big sport so a lot of low key events and keeping the ear to the ground as they say

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