Tuesday, June 05, 2012

10km jubilee river swim report

This will be up dated once get some photos done and results

I drove down on the monday night after I borrowed my father-in-laws van, by doing this can put a matures in the back and get a great nights sleep, this is something I will be doing with my triathlons as well, ( saves tons of money instead of hotels etc ) and means I was a reg first thing this morning, the drive to eton was a nice one roads quite as it was the queens jubilee.

Once got there parked up and found a nice pub for some food then off to bed with a movie on the iPhone.

Woke up at 8am for coffee and breakfast, The race it self was thought out great the bus picked us up from HQ and then it was a 20min drive to the start. I was starting to think what have I let myself into the fact that it's a 20min drive to the start, still once there all got our wetsuits on think there was around 100 athletes doing the full 10km and then loads doing the team event.

I thought from the start nice and easy and just get though this as going to be a long day, I found that I was swimming with the same people for the whole 10km ( one being Russ Cox ) and it was nice to get out the water to get to the add station and more to the next stage ( as it was weres etc safety areas ).

I think the areas were 1.9km 3.6km 2.6km 1.5km Each one had cake and food and drinks but I was using QNT , cliff gells and Pepsi as all ways have found them to work very well.

I did feel in the 1.5km that I had run out of strength in my arms and my kick was week for the whole 10km swim, also my left hand pool is weaker these are some thing I can now work on, Overall very happy with the whole trip up there the event and can now say I am a marathon swimmer :) More to follow on report once get times and photos etc So what's next 6weeks sprint triathlon And 1km river Medway olypmic race Bring back the speed work

But for now job done :o)

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